Membership Sales Consultant

JOB DESCRIPTION: The Membership Sales Consultant has the responsibility of dealing with prospective and existing members on a daily basis to ensure the continuing growth of the membership at the club.



  • Conduct sales tours of the facilities and give guidance to prospective customers on the type of
  • membership category best suited to their needs and requests as directed by the Company standard.
  • Ensures all prospective members receive the appropriate information and tour of the facilities.
  • Responsible for the administration of membership paperwork and to ensure that it is processed
  • accordingly.
  • Responsible for recording daily sales and to be familiar with the total membership sales for the club.
  • To be available to work extra hours when and where necessary.
  • Attend monthly sales meetings to provide relevant information pertaining to membership sales.
  • Carry out competitor analysis on a regular basis in order to provide information which can be used
  • positively when selling the club.
  • Ensure all company standards of operating and personal performance are implemented and completed

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